The documents listed below are only part of the many letters between Stefan Brochocki and the Canadian Department of Transportation, Civial Aviation Division.  They represent the beginning of the process, the middle refinements required by the CAD and, then the final approval for flight tests and a license.  The original letter that started the process referred to the designer of the sailplane as Stefan Brochocki and to Witold Kasprzyk and Alfred Bodek as manufacturers of the craft.
        During the years of production of the Type Record, Kaspzryk and Bodek would have had access to the document, its diagrams and data.  Had Kasprzyk been the designer as he later claimed, he would have reviewed all submissions to the Canadian Department of Transportation (DOT), and would have registered his own name as the designer instead of Brochocki.  He had several years to officially declare himself as the designer before leaving for the United States in 1958, but he did not and the record stands as a true representation of the facts.
         All official correspondence directed to the Department of Transportation is in Stefan Brochocki's name.  Return correspondence is directed to him without copying to Kasprzyk or Bodek.  If this really was Kasprzyk's project, is it likely he would have allowed himself to be left "out of the loop"?
        It is to be noted that Kasprzyk did not stay for flight testing of the BKB and left the project to be continued by the other partners.  (Text by Stefanie Brochocki)

April 3, 1956 - Letter from DOT acknowledging Stefan's initial submission proposing the BKB.  (51k file) October 31, 1957 - Letter from DOT acknowledging completion of the prototype and the availability of the design drawings and specifications.  (53k file)
March 3, 1959 - Letter from DOT asking for more information on some aspects of the Type Certificate. (71k file) May 8, 1959 - Letter from Stefan to DOT answering questions and submission of new drawings. (129k file)
May 29, 1959 - Letter from DOT indicating Type Record is satisfactory and discussing things like future flight and load testing.  (196k file) June 4, 1959 - Letter from Stefan to DOT answering all the items covered in DOT's May 29th letter.  (261k file)
June 15, 1959 - Letter from DOT clarifying remaining issues.  (155k file) July letter from Stefan to DOT outlining the flight test program starting with car tows and then going to aero tows.  (146k file)
September 28, 1959 - Letter from DOT assigning registration number CF-ZDK-X and giving them a 60 day test flight limitation normal for the time. (40k file)