NOTE:  All VHS items are also available on DVD, usually two per disk.  Please specify in your order if you would like DVD.
  VHS tape of Phil Barnes’ September 16, 1995 presentation on the "Math Characterization and Visualization of Aircraft Geometry.”  This can be packaged with a 35 page booklet of all the charts and graphs covered by Phil.  There is also a set (2) of audio cassettes of the talk if you don't want or need the video. 

Cost:                         VHS Tape    $5.00 postage paid 
Booklet                                          $5.00 postage paid 
Audio Tapes                                  $4.00 postage paid 
      (Foreign orders add $3.00 for surface postage)

  VHS tape of Paul MacCready’s presentation on March 21,1998, covering his experiences with flying wings and how flying wings occur in nature.  Tape includes Aerovironment’s “Doing More With Much Less”, and the presentations by Rudy Opitz, Dez George-Falvy and Jim Marske at the 1997 Flying Wing Symposiums at Harris Hill, plus some other miscellaneous “stuff”. 

Cost:                                            $6.00 postage paid 
      (Foreign orders add $2.00 for surface postage)

  Audio tape of Phil Barnes’ May 18, 1996 presentation on “Math Modeling of Airfoil Geometry.”  Use of mathmatical formulas to produce smoother airfoil profiles and design new variations. This is a package of 1 90 minute cassette and 21 pages of charts, graphs and script used during the presentation. 

Cost:                                             $5.00 postage paid 
    (Foreign orders add $2.00 for surface postage)


Paper on Performance Analysis of the Horten IV Flying Wing, by Dezso Gyorgyfalvy, as presented at the VIII Congress of O.S.T.I.V., Köln, Germany, June 1960, published by The Aerophysics Department, Mississippi State University. Contains 13 page narrative discussing results of performance measurements, analysis of drag components, profile drag, parasite drag, the drag polar, the maximum lift coefficient, and possible performance improvements. 

Cost:                                               $5.00 postage paid 

  An Overview of Composite Design Properties, by Alex Kozloff, as presented at the TWITT Metting 3/19/94.  Includes pamphlet of charts and graphs on composite characteristics, and audio tape of Alex's presentation explaining the material. 

Cost:                                                $5.00 postage paid 
     (Foreign orders add $2.00 for surface postage)

Copy of article "Software Helps Launch a World-Class Glider", by John G. Roncz, Design News, September 12, 1994, A Cahners Publication, pp. 58-62.  How Roncz and assistant Mark Mangelsdorf went about modeling the development of the Genesis 1 competition sailplane, discussing some of the CAD tools and how they were used. 

Cost:                                              $1.00 postage paid 

  Audio tapes of presentations by Don Mitchell at the September 1991 SHA Western Workshop, Tehachapi, CA (1 cassette), and his March 1992 presentation at a regular TWITT meeting (2 cassettes). 

Cost:                                 $3.50 (1 cass.) postage paid 
                                         $4.50 (2 cass.) postage paid 
     (Foreign orders add $2.00 for surface postage)

Paper "A Synopsis of Flying Wing Development, 1908- 1953", by Richard P. Hallion, History Office, Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards AFB, CA 93523, January 9, 1986.  This paper has been prepared to funish readers with a quick overview of flying wing development from the Dunne aircraft of pre-WWI vintage through the Northrop flying wings of the immediate post-WWII years. 

Cost:                                                 $6.50 postage paid 

  VHS of Robert Hoey’s presentation on November 20, 1999, covering his group’s experimentation with radio controlled bird models being used to explore the control and performance parameters of birds.  Tape comes with a complete set of the overhead slides used in the presentation.

Cost :                              $10.00 postage paid in US
                                       $15.00 foreign orders

  Audio tape of Bruce Carmichael's presentation on Laminar Aircraft Odyssey - 1883 to 1995.  This is a historical review of the various pieces of theory and experimental proof that have led to significantly improved performance of aircraft.  The emphasis is upon extending the amount of laminar flow on aircraft surfaces.  This is the same presentation he gave to the 1995 EAA Convention in Oshkosh. 

Cost:                                             $5.00 postage paid 
Copy of overhead slides add:         $2.00
     (Foreign orders add $3.00 for surface postage)

  VHS tape of Al Bowers' (NASA Dryden Flight Research Center) Sept. 19, 1998 presentation on: The Horten H X Series:  Ultra Light Flying Wing Sailplanes

One and a half hour, high grade video of this excellent historical overview of Reimar Horten's ultra light sailplanes and a detailed analysis of the H Xc and its projected performance capabilities.  Package includes a copy of the 20 slides Al used to demonstrate the results of his research and analytical work. Click here to see a sample. 

Priced at:  $10.00 US, postage paid (Add $2.00 for foreign postage.)

  VHS tape of Al Bowers' (NASA Dryden Flight Research Center), September 16, 2000 presentation on:  Blended- Wing-Body: Design Challenges for the 21st Century.

One and a half hour, high grade video of this informative talk about NASA's involvement in the joint Boeing/NASA Blended Wing project.  The video is accompanied by a complete set of 18 slides Al used so you can clearly see them or make notes as he talks about each one.  Also included is footage of Ilan Kroo's Stanford team flying their BWB proof of concept model.

Priced at:  $10.00 US, postage paid (Add $2.00 for foreign postage.)

  VHS tape of Stefanie Brochocki's presentation on the design history of the BKB-1 (Brochocki,Kasper,Bodek) as related by her father Stefan Brochocki.  This is an interesting look into a very unique glider.
      The second part of this video has Henry Jex telling about his experiences with the development and flight of the radio controlled Quetzalcoatlus northropi (pterodactyl) used in the Smithsonian IMAX film "On The Wing".  This was an Aerovironment project led by Dr. Paul MacCready.

Priced at:  $8.00 US, postage paid (Add $2.00 for foreign postage.)

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