Allan Morse has provided us with a number of pictures of his model wing projects.
If you are interested in his designs he can be reached at:

This is a fast one with a top speed of 70-80 mph.  Wing span is 41" with a 14oz/sq. ft using a 52055 airfoil.  Winds of 18-20 mph are the minimum necessary for flight, but 30-40 mph is makes its performance very good. 

This almost a plank.  It has 11 degrees of sweep waith an EH 2-10 airfoil and no twist.  Control is with elevons, span of 48", root chord of 12", tip chord of 8".  It has good slow speed flight characteristics and a top speed of about 50-60 mph.

This has a flat plate wing with no airfoil, but a sharped leading edge.  It was designed as an experiment with vortex lift.  It flys well slowly, but doesn't have much speed, maybe 40-45 mph, on a 40" span and elevon controls.

   This wing has only been flown 15 times for a total of about 1.5 hours in winds from 12-25 mph.  So far top speed is only in the 50-60 mph range but no dives over 20 degrees have been tried and no ballast has been added.  It is still definitely in the de-bug stage.
   Allan used Phil Barnes PMC-Z9 airfoil and some of Phil's thoughts on stable pelican flight for this design.  This can be found in Phil's "Mathmatical Characterization and Visualization of Aircraft Geometry" paper.
   Allan also acknowledge using Phil's "Aerodynamic Design Charts for Straight and Tapered Wings" material, along with Nickel's and Wohlfart's Tailless in Aircraft Theory and Practice providing some plan form and load distribution information.

Span                      6 feet
Root Chord        18 inches
Tip Chord             9 inches
Weight                  4 lbs empty (+8lbs of ballast)
Wing Area      7.33 sq. ft.
Controls          Aileron & Elevator

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