Dan Dougherty was part of a team from California State University Long Beach that developed a flying wing for the
SAE AeroDesign West competition in March.  This is a heavy lift competition with a 100 ft takeoff distance requirement. They won the open class - the first flying wing to win this competition to their knowledge.  Dan is a Configurator on the Oblique Wing project at Northrop-Grumman so is no stranger to flying wings.

Here is a link to a video of their winning flight with Dan releasing the aircraft:


Write up in the school newspaper:


Dan has provided copies of his SAE presentation paper that covers this design from the conceptual phase through to the actual launch, which you have seen from the YouTube link above.

He has also provided his original PowerPoint slides that go with the presentation.

Dan likes talking to peple about this project and is planning on designing another flying wing for the 2008 competition.  If you have any questions or comments you can reach him at:  dannyboydougherty@yahoo.com