Photos & Text Courtesy of:  Fernando Walter-Siarez
Buenos Aires, Argentina

IA-41 URUBU (HO-XV C) was a side by side glider, built in 1951 in Argentina. It was the first glider to go across the Cordillera de los Andes, piloted by Heinz Scheidhauer.  Port wing upper damaged fabric was replaced with transparent plastic to show structural details. Part of the story of the Horten flying wings in Argentina is documented in the book 'Las Alas de Peron' (Peron's Wings) by Ricardo Burzaco published in Argentina (1995)  ISBN 987-95666.  (Full picture is:  82kb)

Starboard wing showing small all movable rudder that replaced the original spoilers which were hated by some glider pilots.  The sky-blue leading edge portion corresponds to the wooden torsion box; behind it, all is fabric.  Over the rudder it can be seen an Avro-La Cierva rotor blade.  (Full picture is:  57kb)

Lateral view. The aft wheel is manually retractable. On the floor, the cockpit detachable cover. The central section was streamlined to the rear, to give shape to a small vertical fin, that can be seen protruding to the back, just over the aft wheel.  To the left, the red wing of 1947 IAe-27 Pulqui jet fighter.  (Full picture is:  56kb)

Central section is made of wood and steel tubing (notice walking strips)
(Full picture is:  51kb)

Port wing partially covered in plastic showing reflexed wooden ribs and aft spar. To the left is seen the pilot's stick.
(Full picture is:  141kb)

Urubu 3/4 lateral view with cabin on.
(Full picture is:  54kb)

Urubu underside center, shows retractable front wheel, and look-down windows just under pilots' legs.
(Full picture is:  65kb)

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