Lloyd has written an article on his first test flights after he and his brother completed constuction of this nice looking flying wing.  It can be viewed at:
Lloyd can be contacted directly at:                          ltwpilot@aol.com
You can also learn more about other Marske designs, how to get plans, and when he is offering construction workshops by accessing:


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LEFT:  Lloyd Watson's Marske PIONEER IId.  The picture is just before first aero tow at New Braunfels, Texas airport.  Lloyd's wife Denise is leaning over talking with him and the airport manager is standing behind the glider monitoring the activity since towing doesn't normally occur there. You can see from this picture that this is a clean and nice looking flying wing.  The ship was originally started by John Irwin who later sold it to Lloyd who, along with his brother, completed the project and put it in the air.  RIGHT:  This picture is what the glider looks like today with a new Texas style paint job

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LEFT:  Nice shot of Lloyd's instrument panel showing a basic layout.  He didn't indicate what goes in the hole. but it looks like it would be for his radio since there appears to be an antenna connection there. RIGHT:  Wingtip view taken before loading up and heading off to the airport for the first flights.

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LEFT:  Getting the Pioneer in position for one of the early auto tow test flights. CENTER:  Anticipation of the first tow.  Note the generous amount of headroom and room cockpit.   RIGHT:  Lloyd is readied for takeoff.  The man on the left is Lloyd's brother Buddy who also helped in completing the construction.  Lloyd's wife, and great supporter, is standing at the front.  The others are students who gathered around to watch since "It ain't got no tail" had them curious about whether or not it would really fly.

Here is one last look at that striking paint scheme that let's you know this glider is from TEXAS.

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