by Serge Krauss
Sample of an item from "Stablity for Tailless Aeroplanes."
These items contain A.R. Weyl's historic articles from Aircraft Engineering and The Aeroplane, ca. 1944-1948

"Tailless Aircraft and Flying Wings"; Aircraft Engineering; 12/44, 1/45, 2/45.
"Stability of Tailless Aeroplanes"; Aircraft Engineering; 3/45, 4/45.
"Tailless Aeroplane Control Systems"; Aircraft Engineering; 5/45, 8/45.
"Wing Tips for Tailless Aeroplanes"; Aircraft Engineering; 9/45.
"High-Lift Devices and Tailless Aeroplanes"; Aircraft Engineering; 10/45, 11/45.
"Stalling Phenomena and the Tailless Aeroplane"; The Aeroplane; 4/25/47, 5/9/47, 6/13/47, 6/27/47, 7/11/47, 8/1/47, 8/12/47.
"The Biology of the Flying Saucer - The Story of Low Aspect Ratio Aircraft"; The Aeroplane; 2/13/48, 3/5/48, 3/19/48, 4/2/48.


     These total about a 112-page book. Each set is photocopied from my master copies of the Cleveland Public Library's originals and spiral bound in black vinyl. The copy quality is good for second generation copies. The originals are becoming unfortunately ever more brittle due
to their age; so opportunities to view and copy them will become rarer.
     Taken together, these articles constitute the  most scholarly and extensive individual contribution to literature on the history and principles of tailless flight up to its time. Well documented (citing hundreds of refs.) and illustrated, they remain a monument to Mr. Weyl's erudition, only a few foreign and wartime efforts (e.g. German
developments like the Me-163) having escaped his keen eye for historical and technical significance.
     If anyone would like copies they may contact Serge Krauss at skrauss@Earthlink.net or 3114 Edgehill Road, Cleveland, OH 44118, (216) 321-5743. Prices (postage included): $19.00 (U.S.), $22.00 (Europe), $24.00 (Australia/Asia).
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