TWITT came into being in June 1986 at Gillespie Field in El Cajon, California, as the brain child of  co-founders Bob Fronius (deceased), Marc de Piolenc, Richard Miller (deceased) and Hernan Posnansky.  They took a basic idea for a tailless, high performance sailplane and gathered around them a small group of engineers, craftsmen and pilots who shared their fascination with tailless aircraft.  They envisioned achieving high performance flight with a flying wing utilizing an electro-hydraulic control stabilization system to assist the pilot in flying at the extreme aft limit of the aircraft's center of gravity.  It was anticipated this, when coupled with a flying wing’s low drag coefficient, would result in significantly higher L/Ds. Their initial goals were to:  promote the design and construction of tailless and all-wing airplanes; provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and experience through guest speakers and a monthly newsletter; assemble a technical library devoted to tailless aircraft, and; ultimately to build at least one powered tailless airplane and one high-performance tailless sailplane.
      In the past 20 years since TWITT was first formed, it has maintained a core group of more than 80 worldwide members.  The membership is comprised of all types of engineers, theorists, pilots, and model aircraft enthusiasts who share TWITT's common goals, including such notables of tailless flight as Dr. Karl Nickel, Peter Selinger, Reinhold Stadler, Don Mitchell (deceased), Al Backstrom, Bruce Carmichael and Dr. Paul MacCready (deceased).
      Although the goal of buidling an aircraft is no longer a reality due to the high construction costs and legal liability issues, the other aspects of the organization still remain and are quite active.  This web page is an example of TWITT's continuing efforts to its members and other interested enthusiasts.  We are always looking for new material that can be added to the web site to provide the broadest range of information for the public to access in learning about the benefits of flying wings over conventional aircraft.  
      For years TWITT held monthly meeting, but due to exhausting the sources of speakers reverted to holding bi-monthly meetings at its headquarters in Hanger A-4, Gillespie Field, on the third Saturday of the month at 1:30 PM, beginning in January of each year.  In recent years it has been difficult to find knowledgeable and availabe speakers, so the meetings have been sporadic, although there is always someone at the hanger on the designated third Saturday.  Meetings are held when we can include a featured speaker whose presentation would provide the membership insight into some phase of tailless flight or aerodynamic phenomenon related to the development of tailless aircraft.  Throughout the past years speakers have included:  Dr. Paul MacCready (deceased), Jack Lambie (deceased), Bruce Carmichael, Karl Sanders, Kermit Van Every, Bruce Hinds (B-2 Test Pilot), Barnaby Wainfan (Facet Mobile), Al Bowers (NASA Chief Engineer) and Irv Culver (Culver Twist) (deceased).  Films, slides and hands-on activities are included whenever possible.
       In addition to the meetings, a 12-page newsletter is published each month which includes extensive details of the last meeting (when held) so the entire membership can share in the information exchange.  The newsletter also includes letters discussing various projects, asking for advice, or sharing other relevant information.  Technical data which has come into the library is also published and members are informed of any material which may be purchased from us or vendors who specialize in tailless flight. (See the classified section for a complete listing of what is available for your library.)
       TWITT membership is open to anyone interested in flying wing and/or tailless aircraft and want to learn more about them.  This is a membership driven association that depends on a active exchange between its members in order to help transfer vital information to the largest number of people around the world.

Membership is $20 per year, which covers the cost of publishing and mailing the newsletter.  (The fee is $30 for foreign subscriptions.)  You can also subscribe on-line through PayPal using the buttons below.  An information package, including a recent issue of the newsletter, is available for $2.50 ($3.00 foreign), and back issues can be obtained for $1.00 each, and there are multiple copy discounts available through bulk mailing, although there are back issues dating back to January 2002 in the members only section that becomes available upon joining.  The advantage of these PDF files is being able to see many of the photos and illustrations in their original color versus B&W in the printed version.  At the current time we don't have a publishable index of material in the back issues, but there is a project underway to produce this document.  We are also working on producing electronic versions of all the newsletters prior to 2002, but it is a work in progress.

       If you are interested in obtaining more information or in joining TWITT, the address is:

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