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Tailless Aircraft Bibliography Edition 1-g

     Edition 1-f, which is sold out, contained over 5600 annotated tailless aircraft and related listings: reports, papers, books, articles, patents, etc. of 1867 - present, listed chronologically and supported by introductory material, 3 Appendices, and other helpful information.  Historical overview.  Information on sources, location and acquisition of material.  Alphabetical listing of 370 creators of tailless and related aircraft, including dates and configurations.  More. Only a limited number printed. Not cross referenced:  342 pages.  It was spiral bound in plain black vinyl.  By far the largest ever of its kind - a unique source of hardcore information. 
     But don't despair, Edition 1-g is in the works and will be bigger and better than ever. It will also include a very extensive listing of the relevant U.S. patents, which may be the most comprehensive one ever put together.  A publication date has not been set yet, so check back here once in a while.

Prices:         To Be Announced

Serge Krauss, Jr. 
3114 Edgehill Road 
Cleveland Hts., OH 44118
(216) 321-5743

Personal Aircraft Drag Reduction
by Bruce Carmichael

Soft cover, 81/2 by 11, 220 page, 195 illustrations, 230 references.  Laminar flow History, detailed data and drag minimization methods.  Unique data on laminar bodies, wings, tails. Practical problems and solutions. Drag calculations for 100 hp, 300 mph aircraft. 3d printing.

Priced at $25.00 postage paid:

Ultralight & Light Self Launching Sailplanes

An 8´x 11”, soft cover booklet containing 70 pages of  44 illustrations, 24 3-views, characteristics of 22 ultralights, 13 lights, data from 18 sustainer engines, reducing propeller drag, available plans, kits and safety. 

Priced at $15.00 postage paid. 

The Collected Sailplane Articles and Soaring Misadventures of Bruce Carmichael 1950-2000

Soft cover, 280 pages, 69 articles from Soaring, Tech. Soaring, OSTIV, SHAp Talk, Sailplane Builder, National Soaring Museum, Ntl. Free Flight Society, S. Cal Soaring Assoc., and Authors Autobiographical notes. Sailplane Design Optimization, Future Predictions, Memorials to Departed Greats, Ultralight Sailplanes, Dynamic Soaring, Summaries of 20 years of Sailplane Homebuilders Technical Workshops, Hilarious accounts of Seven of Author's Early Soaring Adventures. 

Priced at $25.00  postpaid U.S.

Bruce Carmichael 
34795 Camino Capistrano 
Capistrano Beach, CA 92624
(949) 496 5191


The monthly magazine of the Eperimental Soaring Association (ESA), whose purpose is to foster programs in sailplane design and construction which will produce the highest return in performance and safety for given investment by the builder.  They encourage innovation and builder cooperation as a means of achieving their goal. 

Membership dues payable in U.S. currency: 

US           ........    $24/yr      US First Class Mail.....$33/yr
So/Cntrl Amer       $40/yr      Canada                       $40/yr 
Europe                  $45/yr      Pacific Rim                  $50/yr 
US Students          $18/yr 

Make checks payable to: 

Experimental Soaring Association
c/o Treasurer
23165 Smith Road
Chatsworth, CA 91311


This is the newsletter for the homebuilders group in Australia.  It is 8-11 pages and appears to be published the first month of each quarter.  It contains sections on mail, shop talk, technicalities and, tips and hints. 

For more information about subscription, contact: 

James Garay
3 Magnolia Avenue
Kings Park, Victoria, 3021

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