Bob Fronius, one of the founding fathers of The Wing Is The Thing (TWITT), decided he needed a scale model of the Horten IV sailplane.  He also decided it had to be an unusual display item so elected to include a scale trailer to the project.  Here are some photos of this project as it slowly moves along at Bob's hanger at Gillespie Field, in El Cajon, CA.  He doesn't have much to go on for the trailer so is doing the best he can.  If anyone has some good pictures of the Horten IV trailer, he would sure appreciate being contacted.  (619- 596-2518, Saturday to Wednesday, 10am to 4 pm Pacific Standard Time)
View of trailer under construction on makeshift workbench.  The fuselage center section is not quite elevated to where is should be when the project is finished. (Photos June 99) Rear quarter view of trailer.  Aft portion (dark side panel) actually slips off the trailer as a shell to reveal the wings for ease of removal.
Closer shot of the front showing the tongue detail and beginnings of the support system for the front end shell. Temporary wheel mounted on the axle and spring arrangement.  Dark tube is aft end of tongue, while light tube is torsional cross support.
Right side without the front panel.  The area above the wheel is hinged at the top and opens in a clamshell fashion.  With the aft shell off, this gives full access to the wings for unloading. Full front view.  The fuselage center section will be mounted on a pedestal/cradle structure which probably insulated it from road bumps.
Plug for flying model being built by Harald Buettner in his shop at Tehachapi, CA.  If the project ever get done, supposedly kits would become available, but don't hold your breath waiting.  (Photo September 1998) Another shot of the plug with the scale trailer in the background. Bob is also building a static model for mounting in the trailer as a display unit. (Photo September 1998)
Bob Fronius beside the project during its earlier stage.  You can get a better idea of where the fuselage will be mounted.  The extended wing tips are mounted inside the main wing panels.  Bob's right hand is on the front section hinge line for the clamshells.  The front shell is removed, as is the rear section.  (Photo Summer of 1998) Above  is the model as of 9/4/99 as it sits on Harald's work bench.  It is inverted and you are looking at the pilot pod that has been added to the bottom of the center section.  The shots below left and right are from different angles trying to show the progress being made on the mold.
     Above left is a shot from under the center section which has a whitle gel coat on the surface.  If you look closely in the upper left corner you can see Harald's Gooney Bird concept model.  Above right and on the left are shots down the wing of the model from different angles.  Progress is slow since Harald has a great many projects in the works at any one time, plus the full size prototype of a corporate business plane for a private contractor.  One project for himself is a Formula One racer and I bet it will be some type of flying wing configuration.
     If you are ever in the Tehachapi, CA area make sure to stop by Harald's hanger at Mountain Valley Gliderport and see what he is up too at the time.

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