Presented below, from time to time, are questions we have received and don't necessarily know the answers too.  So we are asking those of you who read them and have the answer, or can direct the person to an answer, to take a minute and provide your fellow enthusiast a little help.  To make it easy to copy TWITT on any messages you send directly to the person posing the question I have included us as part of the link address.  Thanks to all of you in advance.


I am searching on  the PUL 10 the Horten ultralight design. Is it in production where can I get more info on kits, plans. Thank you in advance.

Spyros Vlachos


Mitchell B-10

I have decided to donate my B-10 to charity for the tax deduction.  It would be more to my liking to pass it on to someone who I know would finish it and fly it.  It has the Patmont cage and I have a Zenoah G25b or a Mac 101 engine for it.  Both have re-drives and propellers.

Vic Gibson (Sacramento)


Inflatable Flying Wing

I was looking for info on inflatable aircraft hoping to find more info on D. Perkins inflatable man powered wing circa 1966 (said to have made 97 flights in ground effect -pg.19 of "Man Powered Flight" by Keith Sherwin) when I came across a more ambitious project described in german at: 
(I capitalized the L so that it is different from the number one)

Maybe you have seen this already.

James Mclellan


Flying Wing Designs of B.I. Cheranovskiy

Can anyone at TWITT point me to any references for the flying wing designs of B.I. Cheranovskiy. They look extremely
interesting and modern for their era. The only reference I have found is pasted below. Unfortunately I only speak/read



Hello, my name is Geoff, and I am looking for information on the attached image.  All I know is that it was taken at Oshkosh some years ago. I cannot Google it as I do not know what to call it. 
Geoff Dunn


Horten IV Drawings

I'm interested in building a scale model of the Horten IV and would like to know if there are drawings available in any format?

Mike Morgulis
Toronto, Canada


Konig radial engine information

I happen to own a Konig 3 cylinder Radial engine on my Monerai motorglider and was wondering if anyone had information concerning parts availability/maintenance manuals for said engine. Please contact me.

Richarad Cahill

Subject:  Flying Wing Bibliograpy...

Date:  September 18, 2003

I have been doing an extensive search of the U.S. patents relevant to flying wings and tailless aircraft and, accumulated a vast amount of material.  At this point I would like to ask any of our European friends who keep up with tailless aircraft publications to e-mail or send me information on any articles/books/reports/patents that have appeared in their countries during 2000 - 2002 for inclusion in the 7th Edition of my bibliography. Pertinent information would include author, title, periodical name, DATE, page numbers, and any annotative information that seems relevant (number/types of illustrations, description of topic, quality, etc.). I try to give credit to all contributers. 


Serge Krauss
3114 Edgehill Road 
Cleveland Hts., OH 44118
(216) 321-5743